Multicultural failure

I am so bloody cross.
I am so bloody cross because whenever I dare to speak out against this farce called multiculturalism, I’m shouted down as being a racist.
I’m so bloody cross because when I say I’m fed up with our useless and failed border protection policy, I’m told I’m uncompassionate.

Let’s deal with me being a ”racist” first.

Multiculturalism, although lovely in theory, is rubbish in its practicality.
Holland introduced the concept in the 1960s when it encouraged unskilled Islamic “guest workers” to maintain their ”linguistic and cultural identities”.
The experiment failed, as it has in the UK, France and other European countries, with Holland embroiled in a multicultural mess, particularly where pockets of extreme Islamic fundamentalism rule. And, like it or not, the main conflict worldwide in western countries is with the Muslim minorities who maintain their ”linguistic and cultural” identities.

Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison described multiculturalism last year as ”simply a licence to replicate your old culture in a new land without any further obligation”, which ”contradicts the overwhelming majority of our migrant experience in Australia”.
Our experience with immigration in this country has been wonderful, if not a godsend.
When the Greeks, the Italians, the Indians, the Turks, the Vietnamese, the Koreans, the Chinese, the Jews and the English arrived, they assimilated into our culture while introducing wonderful aspects of their own. None of them expected a free ride, nor did they try to change our way of life, instead, they embraced it. That’s no longer happening under the guise of multiculturalism.

Now, to address my issue of being uncompassionate.

Morrison came under fire last week for his criticism of the Labor government spending taxpayer dollars on the funerals of those who died at Christmas Island.
His timing was appalling, prompting Manly Daily letter writer Joanna van Kool to say she was ashamed to be Australian.
She asked where our compassion was for people ”who are desperate, who don’t speak our language, many of whom are illiterate, don’t understand our culture, scrape together the money to flee a war torn country in a leaky boat going they know not where.”

No Joanna, they know exactly where they are going. And therein lies my problem.
These illegal immigrants use valid documentation and funds to stop at several ports along the way to ”destination Australia”. They’re not ”fleeing” to us at all. They’re dumping their documentation and paying crooks to ferry them here to hook up with friends and family.

Australians don’t like cheats, Joanna, and we don’t like being conned. That’s why we resent these illegal immigrants. We wouldn’t care if they were English, French or New Zealanders, if they snuck through the back door we’d want them out. Just as the thousands who overstay their visas should be booted out.

Another letter writer, Scott Cornelius, accused the Liberal party of hypocrisy over the complaint about the money spent on funerals when the Howard government spent $1 billion on its Pacific Solution, $2.5 million of which ”kept the Manus Island Detention centre open to house just one detainee.”
It was because of the Pacific Solution that we never had to bury women and children smashed to pieces on rocks.

I’m not ashamed to be Australian, but I cringe with shame when I see the silent majority hushed by vocal minority which clearly doesn’t have Australia’s best interests at heart.

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  1. How invigorating to read rational, clear-headed observations on these issues from someone who obviously knows what she is talking about.

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