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The Tween Becomes A Teen

Today I became the proud owner of a brand new teenager. Yep, my baby, turned toddler, turned tweenie, turned tween, has evolved through some sort of miracle into a teen. Yay! Great! Now what do I do? Yes, yes, I’ve … Continue reading

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Mongrel students rule.

Can anyone tell me exactly when the lunatics began running the asylum in this country? Was there a special handover day? A moment when someone decided minorities, no matter how dysfunctional, should rule? Was I asleep at the time? Did … Continue reading

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Service lost in translation

I spent around 15 years living and working overseas and nearly half of that period was in countries where English was rarely spoken and like many people who have travelled, I have a wealth of stories about trying to make … Continue reading

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Making a boob of yourself!

What did the blonde say … Hey! Don’t finish that question, you might offend someone. Okay, I’ll try again. What did the fat … NO! Stop! You can’t call people fat! That’s rude. Hmm … So there was this Muslim … Continue reading

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Skyscraper heels heading for a topple

IT began with the skyscraper heels. You know the ones. They make stilettos look like boring bungalows, towering skyscraper-like above all others, ungainly and powerful. The ones more akin to a small pair of stilts than any sort of sensible … Continue reading

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