Mongrel students rule.

Can anyone tell me exactly when the lunatics began running the asylum in this country?
Was there a special handover day? A moment when someone decided minorities, no matter how dysfunctional, should rule? Was I asleep at the time? Did I miss it?
The other morning I woke up to read more rules were being enforced in schools. About time, I thought.
In a world where asylum seekers carry on like pork chops over unpopular rulings, where there’s a call for personal computers in prison cells to be a right not a privilege and where the great unwashed throw tantrums in our CBD because others who work hard for a living make lots of money, I was relieved to see that finally some control was being brought back into our schools.
But silly me! The rules being enforced were for the teachers, not the children.
That’s right. Apparently it’s been decided that teachers don’t have enough rules and the kids have too many.
Clearly I’m not concerned about the majority of children who are doing the right thing. It’s the abusive kids bullying, carrying weapons and swearing at their teachers who worry me. The ones who turn up only when they feel like it, and that’s usually to cause trouble. There’s probably a couple of them at your school.
But instead of slamming a lid shut on this appalling behaviour and cracking down on it with a force to be reckoned with, teachers have been advised to tread more carefully around these students, to dance around them, using positive language and soothing tones. No doubt a directive from some weak-kneed bureaucrat who’s never set foot in a classroom.
No longer can teachers appear confrontational to a student. No longer can they shout at students, nor intimidate them. And holey moley, whatever the circumstance, don’t touch them! Even if a kid is thumping the daylights out of another, or sitting atop a desk regaling the class with sexual services ads from the newspaper and refusing all requests to take a seat and zip it. Nup! Don’t dare grab the little schmuck by the collar and force him to sit down, you’ll end up being counselled by education bosses for using physical contact. Nah, just cop it sweet teachers and put up with being ignored, humiliated and abused at work.
These problem kids aren’t stupid, nor are all of them `misguided’. Sure, they have issues – issues of no respect. They know exactly what they’re doing and how to play it. As a result there are children in our primary and high schools dominating playgrounds and classrooms with an appalling abuse of power. Yes, they are in the minority, but they’re making it damn unpleasant for the majority.
And there’s not a lot teachers can do about it, particularly if they’re trying to enforce some discipline on troublemakers who’ve obviously never experienced any of it at home.
One teacher friend of mine who was called a f…ing bitch in the classroom by a young high school student told me it gets to the stage where it’s easier to just ignore it.
She did, for a while, and then she left. It had nothing to do with her inability to control a classroom and everything to do with a teenage girl hellbent on disruption and confident she’d probably get off with some purile counselling.
Another good teacher gone, one who taught from the heart, only to be told to teach by the book.

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