I saw Dad


I knew it was bound to happen. But when it did I wasn’t prepared.

I saw my Dad today. Yes, it’s been nearly six months since he died, but there he was standing on the pavement at Gordon. I’d just emerged from another specialist, mulling over the crappy year I’ve had, when I saw him about 25m ahead.

It took my breath away, made my heart pound right up into my ears. My eyes brimmed. I froze. It was him. It was Dad.

My brain knew it wasn’t him, logic defied it. But for just one split second the last six months were erased and everything was back to how it should be. There he was in his blue jumper, his beige pants, same height, same build, same stance, standing there, waiting to pick me up and share my news as he normally would.

Except it wasn’t him. It was someone else. As I approached, a woman joined him, and as I passed he looked at me with the same piercing blue eyes of my Dad.

But they weren’t his.

It hurt all over again.



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3 Responses to I saw Dad

  1. gilles prilaux says:

    I am a French archeologist, I work for the Ministry of Culture and Research. I discovered in an caves of the Somme more than 3200 signatures of soldiers WW1. Among them is that of Thomas Darrell Kay. My research makes me think that you may be from his family. Here is my email address, so that I can send you the cliche of the signature. My research is free, of course. Gilles Prilaux (gilles.prilaux@inrap.fr)

  2. James Richards says:

    Strangely enough, I also have something conneted with Thomas Darrell Kay – it’s a postcard of (what I strongly believe to be) him with a large dog and was (presumably) sent from Ballarat to my family in Licolnshire, England, because the Australian Flying Corps lads were based there during WW1. On the back, there is written: “Kind regards from Toms’ little sister L. Kay, Ballarat, Australia”

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