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Hot bikinis gone cold

So, after nearly a century, women competing in the Miss America pageant will no longer be allowed to strut their stuff in bikinis. Nup. “Not empowering!” “Not inclusive!” Shriek the women who don’t wear bikinis. Actually, that’s not entirely fair. … Continue reading

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I saw Dad

  I knew it was bound to happen. But when it did I wasn’t prepared. I saw my Dad today. Yes, it’s been nearly six months since he died, but there he was standing on the pavement at Gordon. I’d … Continue reading

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Oh dad…

This time last week I was having a chat to my dad on the phone. It was our third call for the morning, even though it was only 10.35. Sometimes that happened. I’d hang up and remember something I’d forgotten … Continue reading

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HSC year is more than just an exam

Tomorrow is the first day of the teen’s last year of school. Yep, she’s bouncing into Year 12, and when I say bouncing, I mean she’s ricocheting off the walls, at times reaching stratospheric heights as she thinks of all … Continue reading

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Sweet 16 is truly sweet

Just 24 hours ago I was standing at my front door waiting to welcome 60 teenagers into my home to celebrate the teen’s 16th birthday. Over the past few weeks I can’t tell you how many parents told me I … Continue reading

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One plus one does not equal two

The teen had NAPLAN this week. She’s in Year 9 and spent three days of her life stuffed into a classroom answering questions that have little relevance to her daily life, or her future in fact. You see the teen … Continue reading

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No side order of brat please

Hallelujah! Restaurants are finally taking charge and taking badly behaved kids off their menus. And it’s about time. Some venues are going a step further and banning children altogether. More power to them. You see, not everyone agrees children should … Continue reading

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